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                                                                       The 9th Annual
                                                 Maple Leaf Marathon/Half Marathon
                                                                         Date:  TBD

It is with great regret and sadness that I need to announce that there will no longer be a Maple Leaf Indoor Marathon.  The facility administration at the Rec/Fitness Center at Goshen College no longer wants us to have our event held in their facility.  While we had very little impact on the facility’s schedule they felt otherwise.

I am very proud of what we have been able to develop over the last 8 years making this a truly National level event.  There have always been more participants from outside of the Goshen area than local runners.  We have had runners from many far away States, such as California, Arizona, Florida, Texas, etc.  We have even had runners from Canada and Australia.

The most important feature has been that 100% of the proceeds have gone to charity.  Over the 8 years of the Maple Leaf Marathon we have given over $12,000 to various local charities.  This was my goal when starting the event and I am proud that we were able to achieve these goals.

While the indoor marathon will no longer be held I am planning to hold a late February or early March marathon that will be held outdoors in the Goshen area at a location that we will be welcome to hold our event.  I am also considering an 8 hour ultra event in the summer of 2017 and a possible trail ½ marathon in November of 2016.

I thank everyone for your past participation and hope you will take in some of the new events as they come up.  I will keep www.MapleLeafMarathon.com live and updated, as well as the Maple Leaf Marathon facebook page.

When one door gets slammed shut in your face, a new door will open that will have even better things on the other side.  No time for crying.  I already peaked in the new door and it is amazing what I saw.


Email Doug Yoder at dougy@goshen.edu

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